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Thank You, Veterans

Memorial Day
Memorial Day

Red Rock Consulting would like to thank all veterans for their selfless contributions to our country and our freedom.  Happy Memorial Day!

Updated Resumes

Hey all! Please check out the “About” section of this website. I just updated my resumes and put them up. Let me know if you need a resume for another project type. Happy Monday!

Pedological Project

Dr. Jim Nevels takes samples for a pedological project.

Dr. Jim Nevels takes samples for a pedological project.

I recently spent a day with Dr. Jim Nevels.  Jim taught me how to correctly identify soil series in the field and the “backsloping” sampling technique.  Both of these are important when conducting a pedological soil survey.
For a pedological survey, the proposed alignment of a roadway is plotted on county soil survey maps to determine which soil series are intersected.  Then the soil series are located and sampled in the field.  The soil series can be found along the alignment or a short distance away.  Sometimes the soil series is exposed, as with a creek bed (see picture, left) and can be sampled using the “backsloping” technique.  The samples are tested for soil classification, pH, resistivity, sulfates (as appropriate) and resilient modulus. 
ODOT geotechnical specifications state that pedological surveys are required for new highway alignments, new parallel construction of grade (embankment and/or cut) adjacent to existing highway alignments and the raising of grade on and above existing highway alignments.
This pedological survey was for Interstate 40 in Del City, Oklahoma.

Valley Hope

Brad Bettes (DSO) at Valley Hope in Cushing, OK

Brad Bettes (DSO) takes a break from drilling at Valley Hope in Cushing, OK

Red Rock Consulting and DSO drilled a project at Valley Hope in Cushing, Oklahoma in April, 2010.  While Brad was not admitted, he did think the fried chicken dinner sounded tasty.
The project included a three story addition to a building that was originally the home of a local oil baron built in the 1920’s.
Valley Hope Treatment Facility

Valley Hope Treatment Facility