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Barge Life – Drilling on the Arkansas River

In Septemeber of 2022, Red Rock Consulting and Drilling Services of Oklahoma (DSO) spent some time on a barge as part of the geotechnical investigation for a new bridge along SH 100 over the Arkansas River. This team has the most experience conducting geotechnical work from a barge in Oklahoma. The project required approval by USACE, environmental clearance and a ton of coordination to get everything and everyone going. GREAT work, guys!

Northwest Crane, Red Rock Consulting, DSO, geotechnical engineering, Oklahoma
Our friends with Northwest Crane assisted in getting the barge on the water and the rig on the barge.
DSO, Red Rock Consulting, Geotechnical, Transportation, Barge
Almost ready to ride!
barge, geotechnical drilling, DSO, Red Rock Consulting
A trip down the Arkansas River.
barge drilling, DSO, Red Rock Consulting, geotechnical engineering, Oklahoma DOT
The perfect spot. ūüôā
DSO, barge drilling, geotechnical, DSO, Red Rock Consulting, RRC, Oklahoma
Jordan Sanders (DSO) is ready to drill!

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Everyone Loves Tish!

What’s better than drilling in difficult soils in foggy, freezing weather??? ¬†At least we got to try out the new piston tube sampler. ¬†ūüôā


Drilling near Tishomingo, OK

Drilling near Tishomingo, OK


Interesting Soil

Interesting soil in the split spoon

Downtown Drilling

Drilling the OKC Boulevard, formerly I-40

Drilling the OKC Boulevard, formerly I-40


Red Rock Consulting recently completed drilling on the new downtown Boulevard in Oklahoma City.¬† The proposed¬†project alignment is along the same route as the former Interstate 40.¬† The old I-40 was demolished following the opening of the¬†new alignment of I-40, which is located approximately 1 mile south.¬† The change in¬†the Interstate alignment¬†and¬†proposed creation of the Boulevard has spurred many development opportunities in a campaign called the “Core to Shore”.¬† The¬†“Core to Shore” refers to the new development¬†from the “core” of¬†downtown Oklahoma City to the “shore” of the Oklahoma River.


Drilling Rig in Bricktown

Drilling Rig in Bricktown



Valley Hope

Brad Bettes (DSO) at Valley Hope in Cushing, OK

Brad Bettes (DSO) takes a break from drilling at Valley Hope in Cushing, OK

Red Rock Consulting and DSO drilled a project at Valley Hope in Cushing, Oklahoma in April, 2010.  While Brad was not admitted, he did think the fried chicken dinner sounded tasty.
The project included a three story addition¬†to a building that was originally the home of a local oil baron built in the 1920’s.

Valley Hope Treatment Facility

Valley Hope Treatment Facility

Wondertorium Children’s Museum

In December 2009, Red Rock Consulting, along with DSO, braved the elements to complete a geotechnical investigation for the Wondertorium Children’s Musuem in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

The museum will be the premiere children’s museum in Oklahoma.¬† It will be located at 10th and Duck in Stillwater and plans to open in 2010.¬†¬†¬†The museum is still in the design phase, but here is a conceptual of the building and color scheme.¬† Rees – Wondertorium

The Wondertorium project team also includes Rees Associates, Cobb Engineering and Trumble Dean.

Wondertorium Children's Museum in Stillwater, OK (December 2009)

Wondertorium Children's Museum in Stillwater, OK (December 2009)


ATV Rigs Get the Job Done!

This past week I was confronted with this…

How do you get a drilling rig through that?

Canadian River in Newcastle, Oklahoma (February 2010)

It doesn’t look all that bad until I tell you there was approximately 1 mile of similar conditions just to get down to the project site.¬† It would be impossible to¬†use a traditional truck-mounted rig in this situation.¬† Thankfully, Mohawk Drilling has an ATV rig.

With the ATV rig, we were able to access the site with no problem.¬† It reminds me of¬†that comedy routine where the guy says DODGE¬†stands for ‘Dem ‘Ole Dudes Go Everywhere!¬†

Mohawk's ATV Rig goes everywhere

Mohawk's ATV rig goes everywhere

While an ATV rig was neccessary for this project, they are not ideal for every situation.¬† There is a considerable additional cost for using an ATV rig.¬† However, when it is needed, the cost is well worth it!¬† If it doesn’t stop snowing/sleeting/raining soon, we may be seeing a lot more of these guys.