This past week I was confronted with this…

How do you get a drilling rig through that?

Canadian River in Newcastle, Oklahoma (February 2010)

It doesn’t look all that bad until I tell you there was approximately 1 mile of similar conditions just to get down to the project site.  It would be impossible to use a traditional truck-mounted rig in this situation.  Thankfully, Mohawk Drilling has an ATV rig.

With the ATV rig, we were able to access the site with no problem.  It reminds me of that comedy routine where the guy says DODGE stands for ‘Dem ‘Ole Dudes Go Everywhere! 

Mohawk's ATV Rig goes everywhere

Mohawk's ATV rig goes everywhere

While an ATV rig was neccessary for this project, they are not ideal for every situation.  There is a considerable additional cost for using an ATV rig.  However, when it is needed, the cost is well worth it!  If it doesn’t stop snowing/sleeting/raining soon, we may be seeing a lot more of these guys.